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Leader's Speech

The company currently has two tasks: breakthrough tumor treatment technology and transform new technologies into new drugs

Immune cells armed with artificial receptors can find tumor cells in camouflage, and are found to be coupled with activation, which promotes killing and proliferation, and realizes the continuous attack of immune cells on tumor cells until the tumor subsides. Therefore, this is a living cell drug. It is expected that the tumor can be completely removed in one use. The core of this technology is the design of artificial receptors. We have now discovered a major mechanism by which the tumor microenvironment suppresses immune cells. Immune cells designed based on this can survive, proliferate and effectively kill tumor cells in solid tumors. The technology related to this is already at the forefront of the field, and is optimizing iteratively and gradually pushing it to the clinic. Parallel technologies are also under continuous development and verification. Technological breakthroughs have laid a solid foundation for the creation of new drugs.

Over-the-counter medicine is an inevitable way for technology to benefit the public. While technological innovation, the team vigorously promoted product transformation. Strengthen the construction of professional teams internally and actively expand cooperation with external parties. Transform the channel for new technology.

It's human efforts, we are brave to be the first in the world for new exploration, and we are willing to be primary school students as a precedent for success. Highlight the advantages of innovation and use the advantages of latecomers to pack new wines in old bottles to quickly transform new technologies into new drugs and let patients benefit from technological progress as soon as possible!