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R & D Field

1. Developing DAP12 platform based CAR pipelines: Based on the existing platform, the efficacy of CAR-T cells are further improved by optimizing the spatial structure of intracellular signal domain and extracellular domain; at the same time, we are also developing CAR-T cells target other tumor antigenes.

2. Development of CAR signal platform based on natural T cell receptors: Natural T cell receptors were used as a basis to develop CAR platforms, so that CAR-T cell can mimic the signal transduction mechanism of natural TCR when stimulated by tumor antigens.

3. CAR-γδT and TCR-T development: keep up with the international frontiers, and carry out research on CAR-γδT and TCR-T.

4. Vectors: Carry out the research and development of lentiviral vectors related technology to improve the lentivirus production and purification quality, which can meet the requirements of IND application and  commercial supply.

5. CAR-T manufacturing development: Optimize conventional CAR-T manufacturing process to enrich CAR-T cell subpopulations with improved anti-tumor efficacy in vivo and in vitro; at the same time, rapid CAR-T manufacturing process development is also on developing.