RecruitmentStaff Style

Job title: clinical medical staff

Job requirements: clinical medicine is preferred; with master's, MD and Ph.D degree are preferred

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in the screening and design of clinical indications of the company's innovative drugs;
2. Formulate clinical planning and project research for innovative drugs, review and approve reports;
3. Supervise the overall progress and quality control of clinical research projects;
4. Responsible for guiding the medical science team to conduct research on clinical medicine professional projects and writing clinical trial plans;
5.Prepare the clinical trial project and draft the medical plan. Revise the medical plan based on the opinions of experts, department superiors and relevant assisting departments;
6. Carry out comprehensive schedule control and management of the clinical trial project; complete the initiation, execution and termination of the clinical trial on time; communicate and coordinate with other departments in time; conduct the clinical trial project in charge Comprehensive quality control and management, monitoring and maintaining continuous tracking;
7. Collect, and summarize medical information of the clinical research for the project leader's reference and decision-making.



Job title: quality management

Job requirements: no major limitation; GMP experience is preferred

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for experimental work related to molecular biology, independently use and maintain various instruments and equipment related to molecular experiments; Responsible for the microbiological inspection of raw materials, intermediates, finished products and packaging materials;
2. Responsible for the inspection and release of company products and intermediates;
3. Responsible for the inspections of various department projects;
4. Responsible for the use and maintenance of laboratory testing equipment;
5. Responsible for the management of testing reagents in the Quality Department;
6. Independently analyze and solve technical problems in molecular biology;
7. Responsible for experimental data analysis, result chart draft and report writing, etc.;
8. Assist in completing other research and development work.

Job title: R&D personnel
Job requirements: major in molecular biology 

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the application of phage antibody library for antibody screening, including monoclonal preliminary screening, monoclonal identification, etc.;
2. Under the guidance, optimize and in-depth development of the company's antibody discovery platform;
3. Manage the antibody screening project, including plan formulation, progress tracking, material preparation and QC, material and data management;
4.Familiar with the aseptic operation of the ultra-clean workbench, cell recovery, culture and cryopreservation, lentivirus and retrovirus packaging, master PBMC, T cell, NK cell isolation and activation; CAR- T cell culture and function verification; flow cytometry, etc.;
5.Reading and comprehending literature, analyzing and resolving problems in the experiment, recording and giving feedback in time;
6. Responsible for experimental operation: recording and data analysis of the raw data; providing true and reliable experimental data, and writing the summary report of the relevant phase of the experiment.