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Look at this first show! The special event of Jiangsu science and technology finance entering SMEs is coming

Date:2020.11.30   Views:436


 On October 12, the Nanjing Biomedicine Special Event, jointly sponsored by the Office of the Jiangsu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition Organizing Committee and Jiangsu High-Tech Investment Group Co., Ltd., was held in Nanjing Biomedicine Valley. 15 investment institutions walked into Nanjing Cati Biomedicine Co., Ltd., the winning company of the 8th "Entrepreneurship Jiangsu" Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition, for in-depth understanding and inspection.

 Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year, funding difficulties have become a problem encountered by many small and medium-sized enterprises. The competition has joined the provincial high-tech investment, Jiangsu Bank and other financial institutions to enter the competition site and enter the enterprises for exchanges and docking, and effectively help the province's technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises Solve the problem of financing loans.

Nanjing Kati Biomedical Co., Ltd.: Solving the problem of solid tumor treatment, cancer is no longer a scourge

In 2017, Nanjing Katy Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by Dr. Wang Enxiu from the University of Pennsylvania. Wang Enxiu once served as the core technical backbone of the internationally renowned chimeric antigen receptor T cell project team, and made significant contributions to the breakthrough progress of the CAR-T project. Although this technology can effectively help cancer patients, the treatment cost of up to 500,000 US dollars is unaffordable for Chinese cancer patients. In 2015, Wang Enxiu, who was touched in his heart, returned to China resolutely and devoted himself to the research and development of targeted CAR-T cell therapy products with independent intellectual property rights.

Wang Enxiu, Founder of Nanjing Kati Biomedical Co., Ltd.

For a long time, CAR-T products have poor efficacy on solid tumors, because solid tumors have a more complicated microenvironment than hematological tumors, lack of technological innovation and the structural design of traditional CARs cannot bring clinical efficacy. To use an analogy, if the T cell is compared to a soldier, CAR is the weapon in the hands of the soldier. When it enters the solid tumor microenvironment, the soldier puts down the weapon and no longer recognizes the tumor cells, so that the tumor cells escape the host T. The attack of cells realizes immune escape, leading to the failure of T cell anti-tumor immunotherapy. Therefore, when designing immune cell therapy, not only immune cells but also tumor microenvironment must be considered. The technology of Wang Enxiu's team gives CAR-T cells the ability to resist the microenvironment of solid tumors. At present, the CAR-T project is in the clinical research stage, and clinical research trials have been conducted in many famous domestic top three hospitals, and 2 invention patents have been authorized.

     "After returning to China, the project progressed relatively smoothly and formed a period of rapid development. It can be said that there is no bullet. According to the original experience, the research has achieved good results." Wang Enxiu said, Katie Biomedical Co., Ltd. Strive to benefit from this technology and break the deadlock of cancer treatment "no way to go".

     Starting from the biological industry competition, Zhang Lu, the investment manager of Jiangsu High-Tech Investment Group Co., Ltd., has been paying attention to Katy Biomedical Co., Ltd. She said, “The founder of this team came from the world’s first laboratory to do CAR-T projects. The problem he solved was the application of CAR-T in solid tumors. This is a big innovation. So, Within the scope of risk control, we feel that such a company is a worthy investment."